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Mobile construction waste crushing plant

Metro Crusher    Application    Mobile construction waste crushing plant

Mobile construction waste crushing plant


Construction waste is a variety of demolition, decoration and other construction industry wastes after crushing, rejecting or crushing, most of them can be reused as renewable resources, mainly used for building backfill, park soil foundation, building recycled aggregate, road mat Layer aggregates, construction waste recycled bricks, concrete, and some high value-added products for construction.


Construction waste is inevitable in the process of urban building change. The traditional treatment method is buried on the spot, but with the increasing environmental pressure, together with the concrete blocks, bricks, metal and other resources in the construction waste, Recyclable resources, therefore, the current construction waste has a more diversified treatment method, the solid waste in the process of concrete production and transportation is collected, crushed, sieved and shaped, and can be made into recycled sand aggregate. , concrete admixture, etc.


Meituo Mobile construction waste crushing equipment is divided into two series: tire movement and crawler movement. At the same time, each series of equipment is divided into several combinations, which are divided into coarse crushing, medium fine crushing, fine crushing, single machine combination and three machine combination. And the equipment adopts the integrated design of the fuselage, which combines the functions of feeding, crushing and screening of construction waste, so that the crushing operation of construction waste is simpler, no long-distance material transportation, cost saving, flexible transition, and floor space. Small, better adapted to the unfixedness of construction waste sites, is the crusher type favored by modern construction waste processing plants.

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