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Metal Ore Copper Crushing Plant

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Metal Ore Copper Crushing Plant


Copper ore, hardness of 3-4, copper ore after smelting commission becomes refined copper and copper products. Concentrate copper ore species: native copper, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite and covellite. Copper ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry, metallurgical industry raw material.


Meituo is a specialized copper ore processing equipment supplier, according to the actual needs of our customers, we supply a full range of copper ore processing equipment.Cost-effective copper beneficiation process:Chunks of copper ore material from the vibrating feeder evenly sent into jaw crusher for primary crushing; crushed copper ore by belt conveyor sent into cone crusher or impact crusher for secondary crushing; 0.5-5 mm copper ore sent into hopper, through the vibration motor vibration, a quantity can be adjust by hand wheel for precise. By dragging the magnetic roller speed motor, the speed of the speed to be adjusted through the governor table, you can control the output and magnetic separator concentrate grade. Since the fall of the magnetic roller entrained gangue also content some weaker magnetic mineral particles, they will continue into the next magnetic roller for magnetic separation, magnetic separation of mineral particles into two finished anthology ore bucket collection to be finished product, and the gangue will be thrown out by tailings discharge port, thus magnetic separation process ends.


Copper is widely used, is the national economic sectors as well as an essential raw material in people's lives. Copper is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, defense industry and other areas.


1. Copper is mainly used in the electric power industry, manufacturing electric power transmission lines, cables, bus, transformers, switches and connectors.

2. Copper in the electronics industry used for manufacturing electric vacuum devices, VHF and UHF transmitting tube, crossing catheter, etc.

3. Copper in the energy and petrochemical industries used for manufacturing thermal power plants carry the main condenser and condenser tube plate.

4. Copper in the transportation industry is one of the shipbuilding standards materials.

5. Copper in the mechanical and metallurgical industry used to increase the strength of steel and resistant to the corrosive atmosphere and oceans.

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