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2019 Kenya 200tph Granite Crushing Plant

Metro Crusher    Project Case    2019 Kenya 200tph Granite Crushing Plant

2019 Kenya 200tph Granite Crushing Plant

River stone fine crusher, 200 tons per hour river pebble crushing production line case

Recently, the river stone crusher main machine, motor, supporting facilities manufactured by the company, and the river pebble crushing production line with an output of 250 tons per hour was sent to the customer site in Guizhou. This set of production line is mainly composed of jaw crusher, impact crusher, river pebble crusher, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc. The output is mainly large sand and fine sand, which is constructed for a local project Provide basic building materials. The river pebble fine crusher is the main equipment in the production line. It mainly crushes the river pebble to a few millimeters of sand. The qualified sand is screened by a vibrating screen and sent directly to the finished product yard by a conveyor, and then transported by a transport vehicle To the required site. In this production line, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and river pebble fine crusher equipment are mainly used for crushing and crushing. The river pebble is first crushed and crushed by the jaw crusher to produce block particles. Enter the impact crusher for high-speed impact crushing, and the stones with different particle sizes ranging from 5 to 40 mm will come out. The next step is to enter the main sand making equipment-the river pebble fine crusher for further sand making and shaping . In this way, the sand that comes out is quite uniform, which can fully meet the requirements of any project for sand and gravel materials. The company's crushing machine-made sand machines are all made of high-strength wear-resistant materials and motors from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad to ensure efficient and stable working conditions during the operation of the equipment.

River pebble is a kind of pure natural stone, formed by continuous squeezing, friction and impact under the impact of mountain torrents and moving water after the crustal movement thousands of years ago. The river pebbles are hard in quality, bright and simple in color, and have the characteristics of compressive, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant natural stone. The river pebbles processed by the river pebbles fine crusher become an ideal choice for courtyards, roads, and construction stones. The river pebble fine crusher of our company is a new type of high-efficiency sand making equipment designed by referring to the working principle of various types of crushers, and according to the information feedback of the user's specific usage, combining its advantages.


   1. It is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content of the material is about 8%, and it will not affect the normal operation of the river pebble fine crusher.

  2. Wearable parts such as the liner of the river pebble are made of high-quality high-strength wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, which are not easy to wear, short replacement cycle and long service life. A small number of parts such as the hammer head are made of super hard wear-resistant materials, small in size, light in weight, and easy to replace.

  3. The river pebble fine crusher adopts a unique vortex cavity internal air flow self-circulation, with little dust pollution. The machine has low operating noise, no abnormal vibration, high efficiency and energy saving, and large production capacity.

River pebbles are natural pebbles, which are mostly distributed on the river bed along with river sand. Although they are found after salvage of river sand or river water dries up, there are still many river pebbles that have participated in orogeny and are distributed in rock formations in mountainous areas. Historical comparison old. Generally speaking, river pebbles are formed by river scouring at the beginning, then enter the river channel, and are deposited in the riverbed area where the water flow is gentle, and then buried by river sand. The precipitation of countless years is extremely hard, forming countless lovely shapes. The main component of river pebble is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace elements and compounds such as manganese, copper, aluminum, and magnesium. River pebbles are often used as stones for road surfaces in gardens and landscapes, and are high-quality building materials. The smaller-shaped, huge-grained river pebbles are mostly used for crushing construction sand.

  Q: Why is cone crusher more suitable for secondary crushing than impact crusher?
Answer: According to the design principle, the impact crusher cannot be used as a secondary crushing, but the pebbles are relatively hard, and the wear of the hammer and the impact plate of the impact crusher is too large. After the cone crusher is adopted, the output is guaranteed and the wear Relatively reduced. In hard rock crushing, the impact crusher is only used when all the stones need to be shaped. Both cone crusher and impact crusher can be used as secondary crushing, but relatively speaking, the cost of cone crusher is higher, and the maintenance cost is also higher than that of impact crusher. Therefore, the customer should mainly consider when choosing And choice. From the perspective of the use ratio, the counterattack crusher is still the choice of most investors.

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