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Metal separation equipment, what are the complete sets of mineral processing equipment

Metro Crusher    News    Metal separation equipment, what are the complete sets of mineral processing equipment


With the improvement of non-ferrous metal production and consumption levels, the amount of scrap metal available in the society is also increasing. Good use of renewable resources can not only increase the utilization rate of non-ferrous metal resources, but also reduce pollution, protect the ecological environment, and save precious Metal resources.

Increasing the metal recovery rate has important application prospects, and the development trend of mineral processing equipment also has a profound impact. High-efficiency mineral processing equipment is welcomed. Only with excellent beneficiation technology and advanced beneficiation equipment can we do better in metal recycling, which not only saves our mineral resources, but also contributes to environmental protection and energy conservation.

   In the metal recovery process, grinding and sorting are very important. Choosing high-efficiency mechanical equipment can make the recovery rate larger and better.

   Crushing equipment: Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, etc.

   Grinding equipment: cement ball mill, cone ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, etc.

  Magnetic separation equipment: dry magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator, high gradient magnetic separator, etc.

   Flotation equipment: flotation machine, spiral washing machine, spiral classifier.

  Reselection equipment: shaker, spiral chute.

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Created on:2020-12-18 07:44