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What are the types of mobile crushing equipment and how much is the price of mobile gravel crushing equipment

Metro Crusher    News    What are the types of mobile crushing equipment and how much is the price of mobile gravel crushing equipment


The mobile crusher is classified according to the driving device: mainly tire type and crawler type.

The tire type is semi-mobile, driven by a semi-trailer, and the output is about 50-500 tons per hour. The crawler type is fully automatic (hydraulic driven crawler), which can be operated by hand-held remote control wirelessly, and the output is about 50-450 tons per hour. The price difference between tires and crawlers is very large. Usually, the price of a crawler is twice or more than that of a tire.



According to equipment configuration classification: the configuration host includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, counterattack crusher, sand making machine, heavy hammer crusher, etc. Because of the different equipment carried, it can be further divided into coarse crushing, fine crushing, and fine crushing of sand to meet the material needs of different fields. For common bluestone or limestone with average hardness, the amount of broken jaws and heavy hammers is higher. . If it is a stone with a higher hardness, a cone crusher is usually configured, followed by an impact crusher. The heavy hammer crusher is a popular equipment with large feed inlets in recent years. Although the output is also high, the crusher mainly crushes stones with medium hardness or less. Therefore, the choice of crusher depends on the nature of the raw materials. And hardness. In this case, the configuration of the entire mobile stone crushing equipment is different, and the price is also very different.

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