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VSI Sand Making Machine

The VSI sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher) adopts the "stone hitting stone" crushing principle and technology imported from Barmac, which can not only realize the fine crushing of stones and complete the sand making products, but also has the shaping function, which is suitable for airport construction and highway Other projects provide stones with regular grains.
  • Introduction

    The VSI sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher) adopts the "stone hitting stone" crushing principle and technology imported from Barmac, which can not only realize the fine crushing of stones and complete the sand making products, but also has the shaping function, which is suitable for airport construction and highway Other projects provide stones with regular grains, which are widely used in the medium and fine crushing of various hard and brittle materials such as various rocks, abrasives, refractory materials, cement clinker, etc. It is especially suitable for construction sand and road construction sand. 


    1. Less wear and long life: In the production process of the VSI sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher), the stone can form a protective bottom layer, and the materials will be impacted and crushed by themselves. They do not directly contact the metal elements, but the material lining Shattered due to impact and friction, reducing the wear of equipment and its components.

    2. Good environmental protection and less dust: The closed design is adopted. During the whole crushing process, the materials will collide with each other and not directly contact the metal components in the equipment. Instead, it impacts and rubs against the material lining and smashes. The ingenious air flow self-circulates inside the vortex cavity to eliminate dust pollution.

    3. One machine with multiple functions and flexible application: the unique feeding crushing structure, with multiple crushing cavity types, can easily realize the conversion between "stone-on-rock" and "stone-on-iron", thus solving the problem of multiple uses in one machine. It can adapt to the different needs of users: artificial sand, crushed stone and plastic, abrasive materials, etc.

    4. Less parts loss and more durable: VSI sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher) is made of high-quality high wear-resistant alloy materials for easy-wear parts, and the service life is 6 to 8 times longer than that of high manganese steel. And the equipment is equipped with a special lubrication device, which is easy to inject oil, which extends the service life of the equipment and its components


    Model VSI-7611 VSI-8518 VSI-9526 VSI-1140 VSI-1145
    Capacity (t/h) Cascade and Center Feeding 120-180 200-260 300-360 450-520 490-600
    Center Feeding 60-90 100-130 150-190 225-260 250-310
    Feeding Size (mm) Soft Material < 35 < 40 < 45 < 50 < 50
    Hard Material < 30 < 35 < 40 < 45 < 45
    Rotation Speed (r/min) 1700-1890 1520-1690 1360-1510 1180-1310 1180-1280
    Power of the Double Motors (kw) 110-150 180-220 264-320 400-440 440-520
    Overall dimension L*W*H (mm) 3700x2150x2100 4140x2280x2425 4560x2447x2278 5000x2700x3300 5100x2790x3320
    Power Source 380v:50hz        
    Vibrating Sensor Inspection Scope: 0.1-20mm/s, it can be adjusted continuously.
    Hydraulic Lubrication Station Power of Double Oil Pump 2x0.31kw
    Safety Double oil pumps make sure supply of oil with; Stop automatically without oil flow or oil pressure; Water cooled; Heating start the motor in winter.
    Overall Dimension L*W*H (mm) 820x520x1270
    Power of Oil-Box Heater 2kw


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