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PSX Metal Shredder

METRO Metal Shredder PSX series shredder most using for processing used car body, tin-plate, used appliances, bicycles, color steel tiles, empty cans and other waste which to process shredding scrap steel in an area with limited amounts of suitable raw material.
  • Metro PSX series shredder most using for processing used car body, tin-plate, used appliances, bicycles, color steel tiles, empty cans and other waste which to process shredding scrap steel in an area with limited amounts of suitable raw material. there are numbers of options that can increase production to as much as 10-50 tons per hour, this allows the operator/investor to choose the exactly correct equipment configuration that will provide the greatest return on your investment.




    • Simple feed chute

    • Single powerful feed roller (two variable speed 40 HP drive units)

    • In Transportable Configuration it is a top discharge shredder

    • In the Permanent Configuration, it can be a top discharge or a top and bottom discharge.

    • Proven 56 inch (1.4 meter) diameter hammer swing

    • Wide 88 inch (2.2 meter) wide internal clearance in side of the shredder which allows shredding of complete automobiles

    • ZWZ Bearing

    • SIEMENS Motor

    • Proven Disc 9 disc rotor

    • Discharge Vibrator to feed 60 inch wide Magnet

    • 56 inch wide stacking conveyor for shredded steel

    • 48 inch wide stacking conveyor for waste and non ferrous metals

    All of the above equipment is mounted on a single frame that sits flat on the ground or on a simple concrete slab.

    • Motor Control Center , it includes the electrical switch gear and motor controls for every electrical motor in the installation.

    • Smart Shredding System

    • Smart Water System

    • 100 HP hydraulic power unit for feed roller, reject door and maintenance (pin puller, midsection opening device)

    • Control cabin for operator (can be operated from ground or on trailer in transportable configuration).

    • Main motor

    • Capacity expressed in tons per hour of finished shredded steel product.


    Metro shredder which utilizes the principle of hammer blows in the high-speed, high-torque motor is driven by the host on the rotor turns hammer blows, to be broken material, into the cavity of the space between the liner and hammer through the formation, the material to be crushed torn into the sizes request . and then under the influence of a magnetic device, the higher the purity of high quality can be obtained broken steel.




    PSX280 1200 280 3-5
    PSX600 2200 600 10-15
    PSX900 2200 900 20-25
    PSX1500 2500 1500 35-50
    PSX4500 2500 4500 100-160


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