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MJ69 Mobile Jaw Crusher

METRO Mobile Jaw Crusher is designed based on the conception of fully adapting various crushing condition, eliminating obstacles caused by location, environment, foundation configuration, consequently providing simple, efficient, low-cost crushing equipment.
  • Product description

    The mobile jaw crushing station can fully adapt to the various situations of mobile crushing, eliminate the crushing site, environment, basic configuration, and obstacles to the customer's crushing operation, and truly provide customers with simple, efficient, and low-cost crushing equipment.

    Performance characteristics

      1. Equipped with high-performance jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher.
      2. Integrated vehicle-mounted installation of feeder, belt conveyor and vibrating screen
      3. Steering traction shaft, convenient for road transportation and site depth
      4. Vehicle-mounted installation support, fast and convenient equipment site installation.
      5. Supporting installation of vehicle-mounted motor and control box

    Working principle

    The main crushing equipment of the mobile tire crushing station is a jaw crusher (PE jaw crusher or PEV hydraulic jaw crusher can be selected). The material is uniformly transported to the crusher by the feeder, and is initially crushed by the crusher and then vibrated The sieve forms a closed circuit system to realize the cyclic crushing of materials, and the materials that meet the particle size requirements are output by the conveyor, so as to achieve the purpose of production. The mobile crushing station can also remove the vibrating screen according to actual production needs, and directly crush the material initially, and then cooperate with other crushing equipment for specific operations, which is convenient and flexible.



    Model MJ46 MJ57 MJ69  MJ71
    Feeder Model GZD0836 ZSW380-80 ZSW380-96 ZSW380-160
    Jaw Crusher PE-400x600 PE-500x750 PE-600x900 PE-750x1060
    Main Belt conveyor 650*6m 800*7m 1000*8m 1000*11m
    Output size(mm) 40-100 50-100 95-165 80-180
    Capacity(t/h) 10-35 25-60 30-85 72-150
    Power(kw) 30 55 75 132
    Transportation Dimension( LxWxH)mm 8600x2520x3770 9600x2520x3500 11097x3759x3500 13300x2900x4440
    Separators RCYD650 RCYD800 RCYD1000 RCYD1000
    Chassis Frame biax biax biax triaxial


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